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Tribemembers took a frisbee to the school at John Obey.  You would have thought it was Christmas morning!

More pics of the school visit are up on

Who knew a frisbee would be so exciting!

So much fun!

The little guy on the left who is air born caught it nearly every time. He got it in this shot despite how it looks.

Happy girls.


There’s so much that has been accomplished since I left Tribewanted in October; two eco-domes have gone up; there’s clean water coming from the well; the first harvest has taken place from the mandala; the school received a donation of desks for the children;  and many visitors have come and had their lives changed.  The word is getting out and local school groups are coming to the village to learn about sustainable living, solar power, permaculture and earth-bag buildings.

maybe a car, too?

The title of this post is the lyrics from “Gilligan’s Island,” the popular sitcom from the Sixties. The song just popped into my head as I was thinking about the next  hut the crew is just beginning. This one will be mine & Cally’s, another firstfooter and good friend from London!  I’ll be  there to photograph the progress and with luck, be able to sleep in it before I leave!  I never thought I’d own a thatched roofed bamboo hut on a lagoon a la “Gilligan’s Island,” but I will soon be sitting on the front porch and enjoying the view. Can’t wait to share it with you!

I am off to London next week for a quick reunion with other tribe members, and then back to Sierra Leone for a month.  My plan is to continue documenting the village but want also to get out and  explore the surrounding area and write a bit.  I will be going to see my friends at Connaught Hospital in Freetown whom I met on my first trip in 2009.  My son, Nick, will be joining me in February for what I know will be an eye opening and wonderful experience for him. So much to see and share!  Looking forward to seeing everyone in the UK and Sierra Leone and will be sharing photos and stories soon.

Here’s the latest video courtesy of Tribewanted. We were sad to leave and James was looking for a cold beer.